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Upcoming Masterclasses


You’ve heard me talk about our vineyard and seen plenty of the winery work…even behind the glam!


So why not join me at one of my upcoming London masterclasses and taste the results!

Wine Shop

Browse each of the wines in our range: all organic, all following biodynamic principles, and all hand crafted with the utmost care to bring you a true expression of our vineyard.

Our Sémillon, Muscadelle, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc grapes go towards making their own varietal wines and blends, in both unoaked and our lightly oaked 'Prestige Range'.

We're also very proud to announce the arrival of our Monfaucon Pétillant, a lightly sparkling traditional method bottle of bubbles, perfect for sunny afternoons.

Mixed Case

Mixed Case: A Taste of Monfaucon

If you're new to Monfaucon and want the best way to discover our wines, then look no further than our mixed case: A Taste of Monfaucon.  In it you'll discover our still and sparkling wines, our varietal and blended wines, and our unoaked and lightly oaked wines.


New Sparkling Range

Le Pétillant is our sparkling white wine, made using the "methode traditionelle", allowing secondary fermentation in the bottle to produce a naturally sparkling wine with just enough fizz to savour and enjoy at the Perfect Moment

​"The Perfect Moment" of course, is that celebratory moment where the foil is carefully removed, the wire is slowly undone, and the cork is gently teased from a bottle of sparkling wine, with a pleasing "pop" and the lightest of fizz, before being poured to serve in a tall glass, in preparation of Santé!


Unoaked Range

The purest expression of our vineyards: ripe fruit, allowed to do its thing in the cellar and produce super fresh and flavourful white wines the way we're meant to!


Prestige Range

The addition of oak can put a lot of people of off, but done right, with restraint and care and attention, it can add extra layers of loveliness to make something beautiful.


Full Range

Check out our full range of wines from across Monfaucon Estate


Delivery Options

Standard 5 day delivery


0-6 bottles - €15

7-12 bottles - €20

13-18 bottles - €30

19+ bottles - €40

This delivery is available to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, England.

For anyone from countries outside of this group, please contact us directly to arrange bespoke shipping arrangements.

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